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  • Top quality clear cups
  • 6.75" diameter x 2" tall
  • 32 oz volume
  • NON-vented (NO holes punched in cup)
  • Lids included

  • IMPORTANT - When purchasing cups and boxes, remember to select a box that is 1.5" larger than your cup (to allow for the 3/4" thick insulating foam we supply with all our reptile shipping boxes).  IOW, if your cup is 5.5" tall, your box will need to be at least 7" tall (5.5" for the cup + 1.5" for the foam (3/4" in bottom of box + 3/4" in top of box)).  Same with the diameter of the cup - always select a box that is 1.5" larger than your cup to allow for the foam in the sides of the box.

6.75" cups are perfect for medium sized lizards (geckos, beardies, chameleons, etc), frogs, snakes, and delicate creatures like spiders. A cup that is a little bit of a snug fit for your animal is better than one that allows too much room, as everything is bound to be jostled around in transit (excessive room allows greater chance of injury as the animal can bounce around more inside the cup).

Cloth reptile bags (aka “snake bags”) are good for larger, more sturdy reptiles that have more size and weight and don’t really need the structure of a deli cup.

When it's time to ship your reptiles, protect not only your reptile but also the industry in general by ALWAYS using a carrier approved insulated shipping box.  Our insulated boxes are certified by FedEx to provide excellent protection for your animals and minimize the possibility of escape in transit.  SHIP RESPONSIBLY!


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